Parimala Hariprasad

I'm Parimala Hariprasad, also known as Pari.

I help people deliver working software. Over the last 16 years, I've worked in various roles with a successful track record in UX Leadership, Product Management, Interaction Design, Setting up Independent Practices (UX, Mobile and QA), Tinkering with Boutique Startups and Coaching.

As an active speaker, I have had the opportunity to join the fantastic line-up of speakers at international conferences like CAST, STAREAST, STARWEST, Tech Summit, UX Day, We Test and Oredev. I have delivered keynotes and workshops at SAP, Google, We Test, Assuring Consulting, RazorThink and many corporations/universities. Gleaning from my experiences at Oracle, McAfee, Amadeus, and scores of startups, I craft satirical stories about Mobile User Experience and Product Management on my blogs:

You can also find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium.