09 April, 2009

Wanted - Software Testers!

I just read Pradeep's post on the Change in Hiring and Interviewing Process in India. Wonderful Article. Last time around when I was looking out for a job change, I used to be surprised whenever a HR person called in to check if I had any QA Certification. If my answer was in the negative, they would say that my profile did not suit their requirement. How can people judge me based on a certification? Shouldn't they challenge my ability to test a product instead of asking me whether I have passed a QA Certification or not?

I get excited when I hear that Testers are going to be tested real-time by giving a product/application to test, observe the test report submitted by them and then assess the tester. This is a huge challenge though. Every candidate needs to be given a separate application to test. If a candidate has gone through this test once, then the word spreads that the Organization X gives an application Y to test. Hence the application needs to be sufficiently complex to challenge the candidate no matter how well prepared the candidate is. From the Organization X perspective, it takes a lot of courage, patience and time to adopt this practical method of interviewing software testers. Calling in scores of testers to take up real-time testing challenge, arranging machines for them, reading through their test reports and finally assessing them is definitely very very tough and time consuming when compared to giving a written test and interviewing the highest scorer. Its sad, but true that a lot of testers either interview in this traditional way or get interviewed in this way.

Lets denounce the Traditional Way of Interviewing!

Happy Testing,
Pari - http://curioustester.blogspot.com/


  1. I thank you for supporting this and I would hope that you pass on the good message to more people in future.

    Every tester has been given various web applications to test than the same and each one's mission has been different. So, its no easy getting through.

    The change gains momentum when you demand to be tested in an interview like that and when you get to interview, you put people to tests like that.

  2. @Pradeep,
    Thanks Pradeep. First Comment on my blog from a Testing Veteran!

    I really liked your line 'The change gains momentum when you demand to be tested in an interview like that and when you get to interview, you put people to tests like that'. Noted. Now I follow.


  3. Hi Pari,

    Nice subject for blogging! :) and of course really nice content from you..

    I completely agree with your thoughts!! Not only in testing area, we need a change in the culture of the interview process big time!
    I love the comment from Pradeep as well.! This is how we can bring in the change that we desire!

    Keep posting! :)


  4. Where ever i send my resume: Only thing people ask "Are you a certified tester" - Even though this post was done in 2009, still the industry is asking the same questions.

    Why dont they actually asks relevant experience questions or a product tested or give a beta product to test in front of them ....