06 August, 2009

The Silent Spectator – Please Speak Up

Until recently, I used to ghost follow several blogs. By this, I simply mean that I read a lot of blogs, absorbed them if I liked them or ignored if I didn’t. While reading one particular blog post, I realized that I had faced a similar situation in the past and I felt that I had to share that story. I even thought that my story was better than the story of that blog post. I made up my mind to write my story in the comments sections. Hurray! The blog owner was amused and got interested in knowing more about it and hence started our journey of ‘Learning from each other’.

How many of us add comments on the blog posts we read? I am not saying that the blog reader should just add some random comments like ‘Great Post’, ‘Nice Read’ etc etc(I have done this in the past too). Though such comments do appreciate the blog owner, it neither helps the blog reader nor the blog owner in terms of learning. All I am saying is that if you have a better story to share and you think that it will do good to a larger audience, do share that story. Who knows 'yours could be the best story ever thought or heard of'. You could be sharing it on your own blog or on different forums where people are involved in discussions or by adding comments to the blog posts that you read on different blogs.

As a blog reader myself, I used to think what do I gain by sharing my side of the story on someone else’s blog? Trust Me, Its human to think this way. I realized slowly that by doing this, I was waking up myself from the close knit shell that I had limited myself to. I started asking a lot of questions to myself. I started questioning other testers/bloggers. I started challenging what I already know. I started challenging others about what they know. And finally, I started Thinking in the right direction(As a human, I could still err. but that would be fine as long as I learn from them).

There could be Deep Thinkers who do not blog. There could be bloggers who may not be thinking effectively(if that is the right word to use). But all this is just part of the Learning Curve. Sooner or Later, everybody is going to learn from their experiences and mistakes, the easy way or the hard way. This is my side of the Story? What's Yours?

Happy Testing,