12 May, 2010

Ready to Rebel?

Matthew Heusser formed a group called the “Rebel Alliance” at the recently concluded STAREast conference. The Rebel Alliance attended the conference in a group, met up in Eric Jacobson’s Conciege Suite at night after the conference and presented or listened to great lightning talks. It takes passion to do such things.


Shmuel Gershon’s lightning talk on An exploratory test tool experiment where he demoed an in-house tool they built for assisting testing.

Matt Heusser’s The Software Practitioner Maturity Model where he talks about the testing education system (I would say!)

Justin Hunter’s talk on Combinatorial Testing and the Quadrant of Doom

Jon Bach’s talk on How Do you Think?

Adam Goucher’s lessons from the Pirates Everything I learned about Agile I learned from Pirates

Lanette Creamer’s talk on Herding Cats and how it can be linked to Team Collaboration

Exhilarating talks! There are so many passionate people out there who’ll bring out something useful and credible no matter what the situation is! And passion is contagious. It spreads and it spreads faster. It would be so cool to have similar alliances at our local conferences, get together and learn and share from each other. What does it cost? Passion is all that you need!

I am not familiar with STAREast conference though I have heard about it many times and read some articles here and there. But then, twitter made sure I was present at the conference. Well, at least virtually! It was fun to get all the updates live from the conference [I now understand why my husband is so fond of live cricket matches!]. Keynote after keynote, quote after quote, tweet after tweet, it felt nice to catch up with the conference this way. Twitter is magical. At times. Get on there!

Be Passionate,
Happy Testing,
Parimala Shankaraiah


  1. @Parimala,
    Cool one. Twitter is a good way to update quicker and followers just learn something from the tweets. Re-tweet is amazing.

    Santhosh Shivanand Tuppad

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. @Incarnated Atma
    Glad to know you it was useful.

    I am overwhelmed with information on twitter, yet so excited to keep looking for more :)

    Thank you.

    Parimala Shankaraiah