04 June, 2010

The New Famous Millionaire Rock Star Tester Dudette

Roughly a year ago, James Bach talked about my work on his blog. I rock on his blogroll too. Michael Bolton recently mentioned my name in his Follow Friday list of tweeples to follow in twitterverse. My blog got listed as 30th top software testing blog. uTest thought I am one of the top 20 tester tweeples’ in twitterverse. I got 2 articles published (as author/co-author) in last one year. What more? I am The New Famous Millionaire Rock Star Tester Dudette on the block!

I love to test. I like to mentor people. I motivate fellow testers to explore. I encourage many to experiment new things. I support people who fail faster and guide them to do so in a safe environment. I empathize with people. I answer questions. I clarify doubts. In return, I learn more from them than they do from me.

With lots of regards to my blog, I have done crazy stuff. I have written good posts, some bad, some worse. Some that people would remember for next few years etc. Should I write blog posts that increase my traffic or that help change the way a few people think? Not just think about how I write, but about what I write and how it can bring a good change in the way they work.

Interestingly, even if I haven’t posted anything in a while, hits to my blog remain pretty constant. Some colleagues discover my blog accidentally and speak highly about it (blush). And I know you as my blog reader too. Do I really deserve this adulation? Honestly, I don’t know. At least, I didn’t ask for it consciously. When the adulation did arrive, it gave me goose bumps. It got me excited and happy. When you do little things without any expectations of end results which somehow turns out to be a great deal for others, your joy will have no bounds. Adding to this, you’ll think of achieving lot more and travel to areas untraveled so far.

I haven't done many things. To list a few:
I have not attended many conferences forget about speaking at some of those prestigious ones.
I have not written profusely in public. Don’t even ask about writing a book.
I have not networked enough on online testing communities to suggest ideas and solve people's problems.
I fail to work closely with my colleagues to suggest good things at work due to lack of good negotiation skills, perseverance and patience.
At times, my ego costs me a ton!

Recently, one person commented on why an upcoming tester like me gets included in an elite list of testers on a reputed public forum. Some people question my existence on the Influential Women tester’s list on STP magazine January issue. Tomorrow, many may question my credibility. Did I ask for this? I didn’t. I am fine with criticism/ridicule/banter or whatsoever you want to call it. It's fine because people who comment are the ones who have not seen me test or work in general. If colleagues who work with you everyday can mistake your intentions and take you for a ride, think about people sitting millions of miles away witnessing flattery about you. And I am fine to say I don't rock at testing yet! At least, I have the courage buddy.

I am yet to travel a lot in my Testing Journey. I have a long way to go. I am not breaking my head thinking about the destination or how I would be when I reach the destination. All I am doing right now is enjoying my journey. If something good comes my way and this helps me do better things by reaching out to more people, I would grab it anyway. But I would not ask for it explicitly (And yes, I have had my lean days too). The whole ‘getting famous’ thing gets as controversial as match fixing in cricket matches because people seem to have problems with upcoming testers since these testers have neither spoken at a conference nor written a book. Simply because they are not famous enough yet! Is that it?

I am glad it’s a small world and I am facing these things so early in my career. It keeps me grounded (I won’t use the word humble). There’s a lot to learn, there’s a lot more to achieve, there is so much I need to do if I want to be that something that I want to be. As a newcomer, I have my fair share of struggles to fight against. Challenge me, but don’t make fun of me. Even if someone did, I’ll take that person as a godsend not because I am philosophical, but because that person is helping me grow. In some way for sure. Thanks to that person, I would be facing rough waters very early.

I want to be a Change Agent in testing. I don’t care if I am famous or not. I don’t care if I’ll be rich or not. All I want is to be a small seed that can grow into a tree and spread its wings so that many testers like me come out in the open as people with tons of pride and self-esteem about the Testing Craft.

And yes, for the change agent that I want to be, I am definitely The New Famous Millionaire Rock Star Tester Dudette “Already”.

Parimala Shankaraiah