03 July, 2010

Auditioning for a Tester’s Role – Part II

Part I witnessed some really interesting comments. If you think Part II will be a pocket book on ”How to Interview Testers”, then you may want to stop reading this post right now.

I interviewed one person on telephone recently where I asked him to test a marker he claimed to have in his hand. He was shocked, “What? Test a marker?” He intended to say “Do you mean I’ll be testing markers in your organization?”

What is the solution? By the way, what is the problem? Interviewers, Interviewees, Who else? It’s the system we have lived with for years without questioning. Ok, the system has worked for many decades. So what? Why not change the system? Why not try?
Why not audition testers?

Have you ever attended a music concert? Have you witnessed an Arangetram? Musicians/Artists/Actors – these people don’t interview for jobs. They perform - in real time. They AUDITION.

Volunteer to test in an interview. Ask for a testing mission. Ask for stakeholder requirements. Ask questions. Get your doubts cleared. Explain your test strategy. Execute your tests. Summarize your test results. Is this so hard? It is if you have tested one module for 3+ years and did not think of anything else at your day job. Think out of the box about what’s inside the box. Keep looking out to learn and explore. Challenge yourself before someone else does it to you. Challenge others to challenge you as often as possible. Write about your experiences. Learn from your mistakes. GROW with time.

If we claim to be passionate to test, why do we shy away from testing in real time during interviews. Why do we express shock when we are given a mission to test? Why do we say “I have never leaked a bug till date” when asked “What will you do if a bug gets leaked into the production code?” What are we scared of? Not getting a job? Not getting good pay? Good designation? How much good enough is the good that you are willing to have?

Never say Never,
Perform in real time,

Parimala Shankaraiah