20 November, 2012

Test Ed - Rise of thinking Indian Tester

Test Ed - a Tester's Conference

Testing Education
I have interviewed a bunch of fresh grads in recent months. When I ask few of them, "You seem to know Java, what if we need you to code in C sharp", they effortlessly answer that it's organization's responsibility to train them. That is how some of us think despite being in the industry for many years. If an individual's education was employer's responsibility, we wouldn't have witnessed the rise of great men and women  in any field. It's an individual's responsibility to take care of his/her education.

No knowledge is wasteful ever. Knowledge gained can be used at anytime. In fact, that is the biggest investment which is least talked about in the World of Money. Yet, we weight knowledge against money and put knowledge down on the weighing scale.

Test Ed
Test Ed is a Tester's Conference organized by the testers, for the testers. We need more and more testers to rise up to the challenge of creating great testing talent pool in India. To accomplish that, Moolya has initiated this conference as a first small step.

Test Ed - Low Cost conference
We are aware that some of us can't afford to attend a 8k or a 10k conference for 1-2 days. We are aware of the fact that not everyone in the organization can be sent to the conference. We are also aware that you need to see value for your money if you happen to visit this conference. How do we solve so many problems at one shot? In Pradeep's own words, "Our goal is that a student and wanna-be tester should be able to afford this. So we came up with 500 rupees per person + 12.36% service tax". Its probably the cost of evening snacks if you walk up to any mall in Bangalore. You decide whether you want to be a part of it.

Test Ed - High Value conference
An opportunity to meet James Bach, Pradeep Soundararajan and Rahul Verma
An opportunity to meet some of the brightest minds of testing industry
An opportunity to network with fellow testers
And an opportunity to educate yourself on testing - straight from some of the greatest minds of the industry

And more than all of these, you are going to meet passionate testers who are as passionate as you, facing some problems you may have solved, have solutions for some of your challenges and be of value to your passion called Testing.

If you want to attend, click HERE to register. For more details on the conference, Visit Test Ed website.

See you @ Test Ed.

Parimala Hariprasad

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