03 August, 2016

An Introduction to Visual Design and the Goals

Visual Design is the process of visual problem solving through the use of typography, space, images and color. Visual design is used interchangeably with Graphic Design and Communication Design due to overlapping skills involved.

Examples of visual design include creating logos, publication of books, magazines, newspapers, print media, website/mobile graphics and so forth. Key purpose of visual design is communication through the image, functional to the disclosure of a message or information.

User Experience Design != Visual Design
User Experience Diagram by Dan Saffer

Many colleagues and friends I work with think that Visual Design means User Experience Design and vice versa. They are surprised when I mention that User Experience Design is a superset of 13+ disciplines. Dan Saffer, world renowned author designed the User Experience Design diagram based on his several decades of experience. In short,

Visual Design is a subset of User Experience Design.

Three Goals of Visual Design
As per Scott Klemmer, Visual Design has three main goals:
  1. GUIDE: Guide people to convey structure, relative importance, relationships
  2. PACE: Set up the pace of the interaction to draw people in, help orient, provide hooks to dive deep
  3. MESSAGE: Use Visual Design to express the meaning of the interaction and style, breathe life into the content

Visual Design Tools

Google Website

Google website demonstrates simplicity at its best. With a search box in the middle of the screen, important tabs in the header and less important items in the header, it demonstrate what it takes to retain users.
NDTV Website

Check out an Indian News website above. Layout and Content organization are very different compared to what Google search did.

Fresh Menu Website

Things might change drastically for a Healthy Food Ordering app like Fresh Menu where people would like to know the variety of food offered on a daily basis. 

As you notice in above screenshots, visual design is very different. Visuals and Content have varied layouts, organization and hierarchy in each website. In general, three main tools accomplish good visual design. They are Typography, Layout and Color. In simpler terms, paying attention to these simple tools can help you accomplish good aesthetics.
What does good visual design mean to you?