19 April, 2017

Facts, Figures, Data OR Good Experiences?

Take any weather app. It tells you precisely the weather for any particular day.
Planning for an overseas trip? Look up the weather app.
Visiting family in your home town? Look up the weather app. 
Sadly, all the weather apps do is to throw 'weather data' at you for different days and weeks. 

Can we make it better?

Throwing data at users is one way of interacting with users. Analyzing readily available data and making suggestions to users is another, in fact, better way of interacting with users. 

The Facebook website shows weather forecasts on days with unusual weather changes. For e.g., a hot day that is unusually hot, an unexpected rain or storm and so forth. This experience delights users, not the data.

User's joy is driven by good experiences, not facts/figures/data.

Do you throw data at your users?