29 July, 2009

Akashwani - Voice from the Sky

I learn/unlearn something new everytime I visit a Bank/ATM/Post Office. I had been to HDFC bank recently to open a Term Deposit. While submitting the application form, I was told that my PAN number was not updated in the bank records(I had given my PAN number at the time of Account opening. Wonder what they did with that?) and that PAN card photocopy was mandatory to make a Term Deposit. I walked away disappointed that I had to visit the bank again. A few minutes later, I got back to office, logged into my HDFC netbanking account website, filled the Term Deposit form and hit 'Submit'. Wow. Term Deposit accepted!

Oracles are very helpful to identify problems in circumstances where the products are inconsistent in their behavior in one way or the other. An Oracle is a principle or mechanism by which we recognize a problem. We can identify that there is a problem with a product if there is an:
  1. Inconsistency with its history
  2. Inconsistency with the organization's image
  3. Inconsistency with Comparable products
  4. Inconsistency with the Claims made about the product by very important people
  5. Inconsistency with User Expectations
  6. Inconsistency with Presumed or Intended purpose
  7. Inconsistency with Standards and Statutes
  8. Inconsistency with itself in two or more places
Here is an interesting fact about Oracles from India. In ancient India, an Oracle was known as Akashwani, literally meaning "Voice from the Sky" and was related to the message of God. Emotions(Voice from within YOU!) of a Tester play a key role in using oracles effectively. It enables the Tester in going through the same feelings that an end user or potential customer would go through while using the product. The outcome of these feelings can either construct/destruct the future of that product. Get Emotional while testing because its a powerful tool.

Listen to Akashwani - the Voice within YOU,
Happy Testing,

Addendum on 8th Oct 2012
Being a Woman and a mom of 2 children, I find it extremely normal to be forgetful of many things in life. Forgetting a few things helps as it avoids burning down energy on some useful and some not-so-useful stuff. One such thing happened last week. I forgot my netbanking password. Again, one of the banks I bank with provides following options to regenerate the password:

  1. Generate the password online instantly
  2. Generate the password online instantly after two level authentication process
  3. Generate the password by submitting a form online
  4. By calling them on their support line
  5. By visiting the bank and raising a request
Options (3), (4) and (5) obviously come with delays. I started with option (1). Here goes my experience:
While generating the password, I keyed in all details after which I was asked to select my Debit card number. The debit card number continued to reflect the old debit card number issued to me by my first company and not the recent one I had.

I jumped to option (2). Still, the same problem. Interestingly, my first debit card had expired and I had got a new one. Another interesting part is the fact that my second girl had hid my debit card in her secret cupboard  (TV cabinet). I had blocked it thinking I had lost it :-). No card, no netbanking option, no money!

I received a new debit card a week later which I activated by using in the ATM. Immediately, I rushed back to my netbanking page. My account continues to reflect my first debit card. I am procrastinating about checking (4) and (5) for now. Good reason to take a day off! :P

Keep listening to this Akashvani. Lots of stuff coming!

Parimala Hariprasad