02 October, 2009

Do you heed to bugs in blogger anymore?

I know how pathetic blogger has been. You readers who use blogger or read blogs on blogger would know how pathetic it is. At one time, I was so frustrated with blogger that I decided to move to Wordpress, but then, I read a bad experience report on Wordpress and decided to wait for a better one. While I continue to wait (or decide to buy my own domain), I found an interesting observation on blogger today (while you say No, Not Again).

Typing any URL say http://curioustester.blogspot.com/2009/10/interesting-bug-in-yahoo-messenger.html in the body of the blog post does not convert it to a hyperlink automatically(this happens automatically in word, excel and powerpoint to name a few). So blogger expects you to use the 'Insert Link' option available in Blogger editor to convert it to a hyperlink.

Do you think this is normal?

Do you have a blogger bug story to share?

Do you think there is a better blogging platform you know of?

Happy Sharing,
Parimala Shankaraiah


  1. It is a blogger bug or a feature.

  2. The reason is word,excel and powerpoint are not a free product :D.
    The text editor used in blogger is still the older one I guess,this is true in wordpress.com also.
    Dhanasekar S

  3. the primary reason could be the editor in blogger isn't a richtext format, but a plain text area. Word or excel or such editors support rich text by default and hence convert the http:// into appropriate hyperlinks.

    for some of these shortcomings, some people would tend to use text editors like Word or LiveEditor, etc..

    I use WindowsLiveEditor to post on my wordpress blog, and works fine. It has been a long time since I have used Wordpress editor to post blogs.

    other alternative in Wordpress editor (i don't know if it is available in blogger) is to change to html view and provide the anchor html tags. Agreed, it is not intuitive if one isn't aware of html tags, but thats another way.

    for more intuitive nature, as you have already pointed out, using Link icon would help.

  4. I know Blogger has bugs but then which Software released to customers do not have (espacially the ones that are free). I have had troubles building in tables (its not user friendly for sure) and have at times felt it had more editing options. Despite the shortcomings, i do treat it as a wonderful medium helping us to share thoughts and learn.
    If you ask me to wear a customer's hat and answer your questions, then i am for sure satisfied.
    If you ask me to wear a tester's hat and answer your questions, i might have several grievances.


  5. I agree with ram's comment Parimala (i.e. the primary reason could be the editor in blogger isn't a richtext format, but a plain text area).

    But one thing I would like to say is that at times I feel it is hard for the user to put a certain posting as in the default home page. Say for example, I was wondering how I could make my Introduction page as the default home page in blogger ???



  6. Sorry I don't find sufficient space here to type,please look the below link for some more bugs in blogger and wordpress http://wp.me/piI9F-7Q :)
    Dhanasekar S

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