01 October, 2009

Interesting Bug in Yahoo Messenger

I have been busy in an internal product training for last 3 days along with my colleague cum mentee Narain Mittal. Today afternoon, product trainer Ravi messaged me on Yahoo Messenger that the training is postponed to 3.30 PM. He requested me to inform Narain as well.

Chat text on my chat window

Ravi: we will have KT at 3:30pm
Pari: sure.

I copied Ravi’s chat message and pasted it onto Narain’s chat window as below:

Chat text on Narain’s chat window

Ravi: we will have KT at 3:30pm
Ravi is typing a message.
Pari: sure.

If you observe the chat text on Narain’s chat window, 'Ravi is typing a message.' is an additional message here. Interestingly, this is not visible in my chat window.

Additional message is visible only when I copy the chat text from my chat window to narain’s chat window. It looks to me that the text is plain hidden on my chat window. However, explicitly copying the text using Ctrl-C or Copy options will copy the hidden text as well. This happens to another message ‘Last message received on 10/1/2009 at 3:08 PM’ as well. I checked this on Gmail chat and this bug is not prevalent on gmail chat.

Any thoughts on this bug?

Happy Investigating,
Parimala Shankaraiah