08 January, 2010

WOW Moment!

Curious Tester gets published on print for the first time! I was interviewed by the Software Test and Performance Collaborative magazine recently. The January Issue of the magazine is a special edition featuring many women testers across the world whom Karen Johnson calls as ‘Women of Influence’ in her editorial. Fiona Charles asks why there are so few women writers in her guest editorial 'And Now, The Women'.

It's a great honour for me to be featured alongside Fiona Charles, Karen Johnson, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory, Catherine Powell, Sharon Robson, Lanette Creamer, Nancy Kelln, Rosie Sherry, Renu Rajani, Isabel Evans, Mieke Gevers, Dorothy Graham, Dawn Haynes including Andrew Muns, Chris McMahon and Matt Heusser.

Wanna Read?
You have to register (FREE) at the website to read/download the January issue.

1. My Interview
2. Women of Influence
3. Fiona's Guest Editorial

Pradeep Soundararajan is a great support in my writing efforts all along and still is. He never gets tired of guiding me through my daily struggles in writing. Fiona Charles was very kind enough to review my work a couple of times before it went public. Karen Johnson, Amy Lipton, Andrew Muns and Teresa Cantwell were helpful in getting my work published. I am indebted to each one of them.

Happy Reading,
Parimala Shankaraiah