24 May, 2011

Interview with Curious Tester

My interview is published in Testing Circus magazine, May 2011 Issue. You could read it HERE. Let me know what you think.

Testing Circus is a free monthly magazine read by testers across the world. Testers worldwide contribute content to this magazine which is free of cost at this point in time. You can also read previous issues on the websites by downloading or reading the pdf online. Recommended for Testers and the rest alike - It's one of the best testing magazines for coffee time reading. Did I tell you they accept articles from "not so expert people" like us too. This could be your first shot at public writing about testing.

We're all busy people. It's with great difficulty that we find time to read blogs, like you're reading mine. Where is the time to read magazines?

How about carrying it to the toilet? How about glancing it while you walk in your balcony (avoid high rise buildings please!)? How about reading as you travel, unless you are driving? How about reading it as you wait for mustard seeds to splutter as you cook? How about spending a few minutes just before you hit the bed? How about letting your 6 yr old to read it for you as you get household chores done? How about trying at least one of the above? Now.

There is no dearth of time Friends; Einstein had the same number of hours in a day that we do.
'Come on Pari, everyone can't be like Einstein'. You can't. But, You can be YOURSELF!

Happy Reading,

Parimala Shankaraiah

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