10 July, 2011

I am Moolya family

Life's been super hectic! Tons of interesting things happening and too little time! In the midst of all this comes a mega annoucement that some of you have guessed at some point or the other in the past.

I am officially part of Moolya family as on 4th July 2011

I came into contact with Pradeep Soundararajan in December 2008 through his blog. A little later, he joined an organization which was at a stone's throw away from my house. Every day, as I walked back home in front of his office, I desperately wanted to meet him. I just wanted to say 'Hi', shake hands with him and run away as fast as I could - before he could realize what had happened. That's how much I respect his work in testing!

That's also how embarassed I was to face him with the skillset I had at that time. Slowly, I started helping myself. Most of my growth is visible on this blog thanks to my enthusiasm to write about everything that I stumble upon. And I can guarantee there's lot more to come. I am thankful to Pradeep Soundararajan for his belief towards my contribution to Moolya in times to come.

My interactions didn't end just with Pradeep. I was part of an awesome "outside the office" team of Santhosh Tuppad (my little bro!), Sharath Byregowda, Manoj Nair, Dhanasekar and many others. We used to hang out, meet regularly, discuss how we could do things differently in testing and crack jokes about funny processes and practices in organizations. All in smoking zones or pubs or bars which I hated to the core. All for the passion of testing, you know. This was a time when I was slowly getting out of the 'Cribbing Employee' mentality and hitting upon 'Let me do something instead of blaming and complaining' mentality. That was when this group was most helpful and supportive of my work. I am indebted to each one of them for lifetime. In all probability, these people don't know that they had an influence on me. Thanks guys!

There was this sub-consious voice within me that kept telling 'You can do something better' for over 4 years now. Do What? was the question. All I knew was this, "When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream ~ from the book The Alchemist". The moment I got a feeler that I'll join Moolya, I felt, 'This is it'.

OK. Here I am at Moolya. One of the coolest things at Moolya is this - We have an awesome team of testers. So what? Most organizations have teams of testers. But, WE have an awesome team of passionate testers! Wanna challenge that?

If you want to get your products tested well enough, reach out to Moolya. If you are looking to work with our awesome team, rush to Moolya hiring page.

Btw, our annual peer workshop, Bangalore Workshop on Software Testing 3 is coming soon. Check out!

Wish me luck,
Thanks for your time,
Parimala Shankaraiah


  1. We know Moolya has the best team and we don't want to challenge that. All the best.

    ~Ajoy Kumar Singha

  2. At Ajoy,

    Moolya doesn't have the best team yet. It has a part of the best team. When people like you join, we will be getting closer to making it the best.

  3. Parimala, that's fantastic news, hope you enjoy your new role at Moolya.

  4. Thanks everyone for the Wishes.