16 January, 2014

A Decade in Software Testing - Summary

Hello Friends,

Some of you might have read few blog posts from the series, 'A Decade in Software Testing' that I wrote to mark my tenth anniversary in the IT industry. I didn't market this series as much as I usually do because I wrote these for myself, to look back and also look up to the future with regards to where I am heading in testing. Some readers reached out to me and mentioned how it has helped them learn. I thought I might as well collate a summary blog for all the posts so you can look it up in one place, if you find it worth your time.

Decade in Software Testing
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Here is a summary of all the blog posts.

In Search Of The Master

Writing, A Mental Therapy

My Tryst With Speaking Engagements

Community Gang Wars

International Society for Software Testing (ISST)

Perception About Women - Part I [Real World Problems]

Perception About Women - Part II [Gender Stereotypes, Framing and Hardwired Perceptions]

Perception About Women - Part III [Glass Ceiling, Slotting and Judgment Disposals]

I Finally Found My Master

Happy Reading!


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