29 September, 2009

Interviews and Jobs

Why would you move out of your job? Why would anyone move out of his/her current job? I bet, its not just MONEY all the time. Each one of us wants to be rich, but that does not mean that we would be spending 8-10 hours/day at work just for money without enjoying what we do, without growing in the area of our liking and expertise, without learning new stuff for self improvement etc. All said and done, we still look out for our dream job each time and after we do land up in one such dream job, we finally end up thinking this is not THE JOB FOR ME.

Coming to the point. Pradeep Soundararajan is writing a book on ‘Interviews and Jobs'. Would you be interested? Why would you not be interested? If you still plan to attend interviews in each of your dream companies and figure out what works in each company and how to get a job there, then nobody is gonna stop you. But do you have the time that it demands? If you don’t, then how about this? Interviews and Jobs. On the website, you will get to see and read cool stuff that might land you in your dream job or atleast give a big nudge towards finding one. Check out the website and provide your feedback. Do read the Teaser of the book. If you want to know more, Check HERE.

It’s Better to Try and Fail Than to Have Never Tried At All.

Happy Reading,
Parimala Shankaraiah