18 June, 2009

Customer is KING and KING never bargains

The above sentence was a signboard at a clothing store that I visited recently. I do believe that ‘Customer is KING’. What I did not know was that KING never bargains (probably, the person who hung up that signboard thought that the KING should NOT bargain so he could make more profits!). If customer is believed to be a KING, there could be times when the so called KING could pick up whatever he/she wants and walk away without paying just because he is a KING or probably ask for a reasonable discount. Howz That?

Customer is definitely a KING in the real world. Customers are in a position to pay for what they want. However, the customers are not stupid to pay for something that is not delivered to them as per their expectations. The product management/sales/marketing teams do a tremendous job in advertising for the products. What these teams don’t realize is that they may be setting very high expectations of the product in the minds of the customers. Once the Customer is happy with the Proof of Concept and gives a Go Ahead for implementation, there will be hell lot of surprises because the customer would have thought that certain features exist already whereas the product management/sales/marketing teams would have assumed that they can get the engineering teams to develop those features in no time. All this after the customer has signed to buy the product.

Lets face it. Customer bargains and bargains madly!

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  2. This made me think creative.. I remember another saying about customer,
    ie: "Customer is GOD".
    Well, I also remember one more sayin
    "To err is human and to forgive is GOD" :D
    I guess someone coined the 1st one with reference to the second :D ;)