24 June, 2009

Life is a constant learning experience!

Life is a constant learning experience. The more I learn, the more better I become. I am just back from the Exploratory Testing Workshop conducted by Pradeep Soundararajan. Am I enlightened? Yes. Have I become an Expert Tester after this? NO. Not even a good tester yet(Let me clarify I hold myself in very high self esteem)

This was the first workshop I attended and a workshop in the truest sense( A workshop is a brief intensive course of education for a small group which emphasizes interaction and practical problem solving as per Wiktionary). I had just ONE major takeaway in this workshop. And that was ‘Practice, Practice and More Practice’.

How many of us practice testing? This question appears to challenge human ego. Atleast it does to me. To be honest, how many of us practice testing? We are busy understanding the product/application given to us to test at Work, write test cases, get them reviewed, modify the test cases based on review comments and by the time we come to the actual test execution stage, we are nearing a dangerous thing called ‘Release Deadline’ and then end up doing shabby testing. In the midst of all this, where is the time to practice testing? There is no shortcut to being an expert tester. If you are a tester who has a passion to test until you retire, then Dear Tester - Practice Testing.

I was very impressed by one fellow participants’ overall knowledge. I asked him how he had gained this knowledge. He just looked into my eyes and said ‘Just Look Around’.

Happy Testing,
Pari - http://curioustester.blogspot.com