24 June, 2009

I failed miserably!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to practice what I learnt from the ET Workshop that I had attended. I picked a feature in the product that was not tested by me in the past.

Here goes my report:
1. Played around with the feature for better understanding
2. Brainstormed a few test ideas for testing that feature
3. Shortlisted a few areas/sub-features to be tested(used an Excel Checklist)
4. Created a text file similar to the one used in Session Based Test Management report which included Mission, Date and Time, Observations and Issues sections (rough draft at this point)
5. Started testing the feature. It was just 1 minute later when my manager informed me of an urgent unscheduled meeting. 30 minutes gone! Back from the meeting and moved the mouse over the feature and 2 developers standing next to me expecting me to help them understand a trivial UI issue which I had explained in a clear and precise manner in my defect report. 5 minutes gone.
6. Got back to testing and an urgent request for reviewing the product guide!
7. Stopped testing without any actual testing and ended up with an empty report

Doesn’t it look like our traditional test case procedure executed pointlessly and without ample reasoning. I was ignorant of the several interruptions that could happen while I Time Box myself for testing a small feature. I failed miserably at my attempt to do Exploratory Testing in a session based manner the first time. Each time I fail, I am happy to believe that it is an opportunity to learn. The faster you fail, the quicker you succeed.

Watch this space for more is coming :-)
Happy Testing,