09 June, 2009

Elevator, Elevator where have you been?

My office is in the fifth floor and I generally use the stairs to go up and come down. I have been suffering from back ache for sometime and I was told by my doc to avoid using the stairs. I hate waiting for the elevators, but here I was desperately waiting for my turn to get into one particular elevator. One fine day, the elevator was in the 6th floor and coming down towards the 5th floor. I observed that the ‘Down Arrow’ I had pressed on the 5th floor had got switched off all of a sudden and the elevator did not stop at 5th floor! I just wondered what the reason could be. The next day, I repeated the same thing. Pressed the ‘Down Arrow’ again. The elevator came down from 8, 7, 6, 5………. Alas! It stopped by at the 5th floor. I was disappointed. The issue was JUST NOT Reproducible :-(

On the same day in the evening, the elevator did not stop at the 5th floor yet again(Inconsistent Behaviour??). However, this time, I found the root cause of the problem. The issue is as follows: If the elevator stops at the 6th floor for less than 30 seconds(approximately), the elevator stops by at the 5th floor. If the elevator stops at the 6th floor for more than 30 seconds(if there are too many people getting in hence keeping the elevator doors open), the ‘Down Arrow’ button gets switched off at the 5th floor and there is no stopping the elevator on the 5th floor.

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