10 August, 2010

The Testing Planet

A long pending blog post!

Feb 2010 saw the birth of a testing magazine from Software Testing Club (STC). It was an awesome magazine with lots of cool stuff from context driven testers across the world. Be it the nail biting moments of doing the right things at the right time or laughing at cartoons and making fun of oneself, it was truly Awesome! It struck me very late that I could have written one too without thinking about acceptance or rejection. I was late.

Tomorrow never dies. STC had started collecting articles for July 2010 magazine. I thought I should write one, but wasn’t really sure if it would work given my hectic schedule and health. I wrote one which eventually became a blog post as it did not go well with the spirit of the magazine. I churned out another one in a short span (record time!) and sent it to Rob Lambert without any expectations. A week later, my article was in!

Three pleasant surprises in the second edition of STC magazine. One, the magazine has a name “The Testing Planet”. Two, the magazine came out in newspaper format. It rocks. Three, the magazine was on print!

You can download the July 2010 magazine HERE

The first edition of STC magazine can be found HERE

High fives to the STC team - Rosie, Rob and many others for amazing team work!

Read and Rejoice!

Parimala Shankaraiah