18 July, 2012

First Year AWESOMENESS @ Moolya

It's been an year already since I joined a Sexy Startup called "Moolya". It was time for an interview as part of the company tradition. This interview is very special to me as it comes from people who I not just work with, but also have profound respect for. My interview is now posted on Moolya blog HERE

Below is an appreciation of my work from Pradeep who often calls me a "Damager" :-). I am humbled to the core!


Padmasree Warrior, CTO of Cisco is one among the many who made it big and is noticeable. So is Kiran Mazumdar Shaw of Biocon. If you ask me who would it be in testing, I would bet it is Parimala from India. Talking is easy, walking through the talk is difficult. Parimala makes walking the talk look easy. She has a Parimala way of working and I believe she has a large influence on people working with her. Not all people who are touched by her blog, so some of what Parimala does remains hidden and secret. Through this interview with her, I am trying to see if I can bring to the world what she does and how she does that. What has Moolya been able to offer to this great woman, who doesn’t actually need Moolya to do great testing but Moolya definitely needs her to remain delivering moolya.
When Mohan Panguluri joined us as the CEO, he was wondering how many appreciation emails does she get after looking at a stream of appreciation emails from our customer and their teams she works with.

 Look at some of the amazing things she said in this interview. The one of empathizing with people was a gem of a thought and writing. To work with Parimala, I have to raise my standards, otherwise I start to look bad to myself. Even if I do not raise my standard, Parimala would respect me for who I am. Not because it is the so called Pradeep Soundararajan but because she treats everybody the same and respects people. She teaches us humility.


 Special Thanks to Moolya and Moolyavans for making my stay here so Awesome. Looking forward to many more years ahead.

Purely a marketing blog post. Jokes apart, this means a lot to me!
Damager Pari