Oredev Talk Video 

Oredev 2017: "Parimala gave a talk about designing intuitive mobile apps using machine input at Oredev 2017 in Sweden."

YourStory: "Parimala’s skill and talent has helped break the stereotype that women and technology do not go hand in hand. In her 15 years of testing career at corporates and startups, she has held leadership roles in various capacities. Comfortable in any setting, she is always raring to go – her grit and determination shining through all that she does. This video gives you a snapshot of who she is."

STAREAST: "In this 2015 interview, Parimala Hariprasad discusses her presentations that cover user experience testing, how to create a strategy for today's mobile apps, and how analytics and user reviews can facilitate the creation of a good strategy that evolves over time. "

Agile Testing Alliance: "Parimala Hariprasad speaks on Designing Agile Test Strategy for Mobile Apps at Agile Testing Alliance's Global Gathering Bangalore 2014."


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