16 December, 2012

How to Think & How to Test

Every time I picked up Edward De Bono’s book, I fell asleep. My friends kept telling me how their life has changed after reading De Bono. For me, it was a painful journey across the ocean. After failing to read 4 books of De Bono in the past, I picked up ‘Teach Your Child How To Think’ with a ‘Never Say Never’ attitude recently.

What an experience it was! I loved this book, so much that I re-read it to understand some thinking concepts better than when I read it first time. You can’t read some books in life until you are ready for it. ‘Linchpin’ for e.g. was a very interesting book way back in 2010. When I shared this book with a couple of my senior colleagues, this book successfully put them to sleep. So is the story with ‘Are your lights on?’ I thought there was nothing great in this book excluding the tunnel problem. When I re-read it a year ago, I experienced the real ‘Are your lights on?’ moment.

Mindmap of How to Think and How to Test
How to Think and How to Test

James Bach and I discussed studying and books in detail during his stay in Bangalore. He said that if we replace the word ‘Think’ with ‘Test’, everything that De Bono says applies to Testing. It’s so true. 

I created a mind map (above) based on the book ‘Teach Your Child How To Think’ as a placeholder post for my reference. If you find it useful, you must read the book. You can even download this blogpost HERE.

Parimala Hariprasad