I craft satirical stories about Mobile User Experience and Product Management on my personal blogs:

I also write to external magazines and corporations across the world. Few of them are listed below: 

Contributing Author, Worldwide

Distributed Teams Chapter for the book More Agile Testing by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory

Women Testers, Worldwide

A Chance to Dream

What to Learn on a New Project

How to Improve Mobile Payment Forms

Bibliography - Books I read in 2016

Competitor Analysis

Recoverability Testing and UX Connection

Color Psychology

TechWell, USA

How to Test User Experience

Customer Touchpoints

Performing Competitor Analysis in Product Development

How and When to Give Feedback

Lean Test Documentation

Ministry of Testing, UK

Influential Leadership 1

Influential Leadership 2

Tea Time with Testers, Worldwide

Color, Color, What Color Do You Choose?

Testing Lessons from Design Thinking World

A1QA, Worldwide

How to Reduce Post Release Risks

Do not treat Crowdsourcing as Panacea

YourStory, Worldwide

A Year in Review - Lessons Learned

What is Lean UX and why you should adopt it for your startup

An Ode to My Mother

Better Software, USA

The Weekend Testers (co-author with Pradeep Soundararajan)

CarmaConnect, India

Essential Qualities for an Entrepreneur

Test Insane, India

Software Mindmaps

Testing Trapeze, New Zealand

Device Fragmentation - How to Tame the Bull