12 February, 2013

Guest Blog for Aditi - Test Coverage Triage

Hello there,

Life's been busy and a lot more fun. If you are following me on Facebook and don't see many updates from me, you know it already ;). I have not been able to write regularly on this blog. I hope to make it better this year. I continue to write for a couple of magazines and public forums. I got a couple of requests to write for a few corporate blogs for money. I declined politely as I am working on a bunch of cool things myself.

In November 2011, I was invited by Aditi Technologies, Bangalore for a Corporate Talk. I spoke about "Myths of Test Estimation". It appears they liked my talk at the time. At least that is what they told me :). In December 2012, they got in touch with me for a Guest blog post for their corporate blog. It was a good feeling to be asked to write for a corporate blog. I took on the challenge.

I have meddled with Test Coverage Triage for a long time now. I tried several times to write this piece. Somehow, it never worked out. I said to myself, "I try one last time. If I don't get it, I quit thinking about this topic." Note that when a writer says she'll quit, it only means that the idea is half-baked and will come out when its ready :). There is no writer's block, mind you.

I thank Jari Laakso and Mohit Verma for their valuable suggestions. If this article looks good in its present form, I owe it to both of them. Thanks Jari and Mohit. You were amazing with your reviews!

You can find the Guest Blog HERE.

Happy Reading.

Parimala Hariprasad