25 March, 2011

Where’s Curious Tester been?

Ever since I started blogging, I kept bragging how Curious Tester was my second child and how much I enjoyed spending most of my online time here. When my second child arrived in REAL 3 months ago, I realized how this blog became a step child almost instantly. It hurt because for two years, I nurtured it as if it was a baby and all of a sudden I had orphaned it. As the proverb goes “No pain, no gain”. I had to prioritize and my little one won over unanimously. As she grappled with the outside world, I grappled with my learnings, shortcomings and also came up with some cool stuff.

So what did I do all this while? Thanks to many of those wonderful sleepless nights, I was still on twitter and my RSS feeds entertained me while I was awake at odd hours. I read several books spanning testing, technology, parenting, relationships, motivation and many more. Now, don’t ask me for the list of books, I seriously don’t remember and I am too lazy to look up the bookshelf to recreate the list here J. I also happened to test many websites and applications on my Nokia E63 cell phone which was a great boon this time around. My reactions varied from ‘Oh, this site is so lousy on the phone’ to ‘What more can be done?’ to 'What value does testing bring in here' to many many more. There were many interesting observations which I wouldn't have found out if I had to test on a computer. Again, don’t ask me for those experience reports J

For a while, I often wondered if my readers would ever miss my writings ( this little human thing in me!). Thankfully, many did and I am grateful to all of them who messaged to find out if all was well with me. And yes, I am back! Watch this space!

New Beginnings!

Parimala Shankaraiah