16 October, 2012

Free E-book :: Web Accessibility Testing Heuristics

Hello Dear Readers,

My first FREE E-book on "Web Accessibility Testing Heuristics" is available for download HERE.Santhosh graciously hosted this document on his server. Other sources to download from are below:


This E-book has a list of heuristics to look for while testing for accessibility of websites. As the name suggests, it is a heuristic list and nowhere close to a robust list. Feel free to take a look and post your thoughts!

I am thankful to Santhosh Tuppad for putting the early thoughts of Accessibility into my mind and my colleagues at Moolya who spoke about Accessibility in one form or another at different points in time. I am also thankful to Mohit Verma and Santhosh Tuppad for helping with reviews.

Happy Testing!
Parimala Hariprasad