14 August, 2009

BWT - Do you wanna Rock?

A strong passion to test within a group of tester friends ignited an idea of testing for a couple of hours over the weekends very far away from the pressures of a regular full time job. It started off with myself and Ajay testing a website and posting results of our testing efforts HERE. The subsequent weekend had Ajay, Sharath and Manoj testing another website. View the Experience Report HERE. This gave birth to 'BANGALORE WEEKEND TESTERS'. It is a group of people who will pick any random open source project and test alongwith other testers all in a virtual setup, and publish Experience Reports.

When is the next BANGALORE WEEKEND TESTERS Session?

Date: Aug 15th 2009
Time: 09.30pm IST

If you want to join the session or need more details, Send an email to weekendtesting@gmail.com

It is Indian Independence Day on 15th August. Lets fight for Indian Testing Independence. Lets work towards better testing community. Come join hands with Us. You can be from any part of the world, not just Bangalore.

We need more and more BAD Testers (Bringing Awesome Defects Testers).

Happy Testing,
Parimala Shankaraiah

P.S: BAD Testers(Bringing Awesome Defects Testers) is a term coined by one of my tester friend RaviSuriya.

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  1. Great to hear about how weekend testing started. cheers to all leaders.